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DCAN harnesses the power of networks to tackle key challenges for people living with dementia, together.

We do this through #DementiaCan Enquiries, which unite us around priorities for personalised care – and you could get involved.

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DCan is for people with dementia and people working in dementia related roles in health, social care, charities, communities and academia.

We’re free to join and open to all. Let’s make personalised dementia care happen, together. Become a member today.

What is Universal Personalised Care?

Universal Personal Care is an NHS England and Improvement plan laying out how personalised care will be implemented across England. DCAN will help the NHS understand how to ensure these universal changes benefit the lives of people with dementia and those who love and care for them.


The Social Care Inquiry

The Social Care Inquiry

The Social Care Future vision is: We all want to live in the place we call home with the people and things that we love, in communities where we look out for one another, doing the things that matter to us. But sadly so many peoples experience of social care does not...

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“Whatever Happens Marty, Don’t Go to 2020!”

“Whatever Happens Marty, Don’t Go to 2020!”

2020 has been quite a year. Yet in our own way we have achieved a great deal.  Here are some of the highlights from our year working to personalise dementia, together.      January- This was to be our big launch. One room, 119 people, the 6 components of...

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