Learning about personalisation – Future Learn and the PLDP course
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The PLDP course on Future Learn is a fun and interactive way to learn more about personalisation. We're going to be learning and discussing as a group to find out more about personalisation and the NHS, you can join the group by signing up to the event on 11 May!

DCAN are working with the personalised care group at NHSE to support a group of people with dementia, their carers, and family members, to take part in the Peer Leadership Development Programme. Join the event on 11 May to find out more about it, or join and learn as part of a group!

This blog discusses our project manager, Keara’s, experience of the foundation stage of the course.

As we are working with the NHS to promote the peer leadership development programme I thought I had better give it a go!

I’ve been working through the lessons for a couple of hours a week and have found it to be really interesting! 

Peer Leadership Development Programme can sound a bit intimidating, but I soon realised that there were a number of levels to the programme, so I can complete as much of it as is useful to my situation.

The first level is learning about personalised care, and how people can benefit. It talks about how people can experience it, what good looks like (a favourite section of mine!) and what it looks like in practice.

The lessons are really engaging and as they are quite short I can fit them around my working day which is a huge bonus!

One of my favourite parts of the course is the comments after each lesson. I find it really useful to reflect on what the learning means in practice to me, but also reading other peoples comments and seeing what personalised care means in others lives. 















I love the mix of videos, and reading, and taking part in the polls.





















I am really excited about working with the people who sign up to take part in the peer leadership programme with DCAN, and working together and having group sessions to discuss the learning is going to be great!

If you’re interested in learning more about personalised care, and building your confidence to talk about it with professionals to improve your situation, or the situation of a family member, then join us on 11 May where we’ll be sharing all about the programme, and how it has helped other people! 













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