Crowded Isolation and Loneliness: report launched by Tide
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Findings of a recent survey carried out by Tide have been released in this report 'Crowded Isolation and Loneliness: A Perspective from Carers of People living with Dementia'.

This new report launched by tide (together in dementia) follows up on a survey which came about from conversations during tide carer connection sessions, about their roles as carers and how the isolation and loneliness of being a carer affects them.

A number of themes were covered: family, friends, finances and the future; conversation, connection and self-care; grief and guilt; limbo, loss and lockdown; recognition and support systems.

Issues picked up in the survey, along with recommendations, are included in the report which was launched at an event hosted by carers and includes a short film and an animation reflecting the reality of caring.

Many carers reported on the detrimental impact of caring on their own physical and mental health and the difficulty of taking time to look after their own needs. Some said that the all-consuming role of caring had resulted in the erosion of their own personal identity. Carers experienced a pervasive feeling of guilt, that they were never doing enough or being enough.

The video, animation and report can be accessed here.

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