How to build public support to transform social care: research published
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At a glance

Social Care Future with partners Equally Ours, and research company Survation explored how to shift thinking and feeling about social care. The research and guidance has now been published in the guide ‘How to build public support to transform social care’.

The Social Care Future movement believes that, in order to make progress in securing the desired future for social care,  it is necessary to change the ways in which social care is currently spoken and thought about: as a broken system in crisis that ‘looked after vulnerable people that cannot look after themselves’.

Research found that the new narrative “not only causes people to express a greater understanding or and support for the values, principles and ideas promoted by #socialcarefuture, but crucially, that through doing so, people express greater support for investment and reform overall”.   It was also observed that following exposure to the new narrative and messages, people were more likely to regard social care as:

 – More important to themselves & those close to them

 – As benefiting both those who need support and the wider community

 – A greater priority for government above other areas of policy

 – More worthy of investment by central government

 – Capable of being transformed

For more information on the research, or to download a guide, visit the Social Care Future Blog.

Also coming up on 27th May is the Social Care Future Spring Gathering, an online event which will cover the key themes emerging from the Whose Social Care Future is it Anyway inquiry and discuss next steps in building the movement and taking action for change.

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