Museums on Prescription Research: Call for Participants
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At a glance

Master’s Candidate Sarah Huckaby of the University of Washington is looking for museum practitioners who are willing to share their experience of museums on prescription.

Museums on prescription is part of the rising social prescribing initiative aimed at linking patients with non-medical services and resources for the betterment of their overall health and well-being. Museum programming has a long-established reputation for being a viable form of health intervention and recently, it has found its place as an essential component of social prescribing. This study contributes to the growing body of research surrounding museums in health by exploring what comprises museums on prescription models and how they operate from the views of museum staff.

Participants are required for a 45-minute interview hosted on Zoom. The study seeks to explore the following research questions:

  1. What are the defining characteristics of museums on prescription models?
  2. From the museum practitioner’s perspective, what are the affordances and constraints associated with museums on prescription work?
  3. In what ways has Covid-19 impacted museums’ ability to participate in social prescribing programs?

For more information, or to take part in an interview, visit the Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance website.

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