Music for Dementia marks World Alzheimer’s month with #powerof30 campaign
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At a glance

The #powerof30 campaign supported by actor Christopher Eccleston encourages people to listen to music with a loved one for 30 minutes a week.

The campaign aims to get people living with dementia benefitting from the power that music has to promote and support wellbeing.

Christopher Eccleston, who’s memoir focused on the actor’s late father Ronnie’s living with dementia says: “Music has the power to communicate to us on direct and subliminal levels. It can take us places. It can be transformative. It has a unique power of its own and within that, the power to comfort those who may be confused or in the grip of this destructive disease.  I fully support and endorse the work being done through #powerof30”.

Professor Helen Odell-Miller OBE Director of the Cambridge Institute for Music Therapy Research at Anglia Ruskin University said “Just 30 minutes shared music a week during daily life and normal routines, at home or outside in the nearby environment, will make a difference to quality of life. Research shows that shared music- making and listening to music can help reduce anxiety and depression.”

For more information about Music for Dementia and the #powerof30 campaign, visit the Music for Dementia website.

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