Personalisation in Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities – Report from TLAP
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At a glance

Think Local Act Personal has launched this new report, showcasing examples of organisations and individuals’ experience of personalised community-based care.

The aim of this TLAP project was to find examples of promising practice that demonstrate what good personalised community-based care and support looks like for people in ethnically diverse communities. This includes identifying the factors that support high quality care and support, and the barriers that stand in the way.

Fourteen organisations across England feature in the report, offering a wide range of support and services in particular groups and communities. The examples demonstrate core aspects of what good personalised care and support can look like for people from Black, Asian and ethnic minority communities. This includes: focusing on the whole person: understanding and working with cultural complexity; providing flexible and creative responses; building capacity within the community; and being committed to supporting learning and development for the people supported and their wider networks – all underpinned by an understanding of and sensitivity to cultural diversity.

Introducing the report, Clenton Farquharson MBE, Chair of Think Local Act Personal, said: “Our role at TLAP is to promote personalisation and to shine a light on what’s not working. But we don’t stop there. We always offer a contribution to making things better. We have undertaken this project to find good examples of personalised care and community based support for people from ethnically diverse communities. When we started out we were not sure what we would find. I am pleased to say that we found 14 organisations that are doing inspirational work, which we share here.”

To read the report, visit the TLAP website.

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