Short film about older adults and technology is short-listed for the Osprey Short Film Award
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‘I Think I Know My Own Mind’ is due to be screened on 26th March as part of the Keswick Film Festival, at Theatre by the Lake in Keswick.

The short film is a collaboration between researcher Dr Sarah Wallcook, artist and musician Jilly Jarman, and musician and record producer Ronald Amanze, who lives with dementia.

The aim of the film is to express the findings of research conducted by Dr Sarah Wallcook at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm into the use of everyday technology among older adults living both with and without dementia.

Jilly Jarman and Ronald Amanze worked together to convey the research findings in this video and soundtrack, in which Ronald is the vocalist.  Ronald spoke to Luton Today about his experience: “Coming in the lockdown, this project was something beautiful to do, and something that I really needed to give me purpose and to feel a part of something bigger. With the right technology, you can connect with people all around the world and never need to meet them to build a good relationship. For me, the right technology was using Garageband, which I’m familiar with, and sending files by email, but for someone else that might be different.

“Often people from services invite me to be a part of projects, but they aren’t inclusive, and they don’t involve me meaningfully, which frustrates me and makes me feel like a token in a conversation. With ‘I Think I Know My Own Mind’ I have been properly included from the start and it’s meant that I can show that people with dementia shouldn’t be written off and stigmatised and ignored. I am really happy about this film being shortlisted for an Osprey Award because it makes me feel recognised for what I can do, and what I bring to the table when I am involved meaningfully.”

For more information about the project visit Luton Today.

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