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At a glance

Social Care Future has launched the #IWouldLoveTo campaign to discover what life people would ideally like to live, were the right support available.

Social Care Future believes that, Together we can change how people think about social care, why it’s so important and how it needs to change so that everyone can look forward to an equal life.” As part of their #IWouldLoveTo campaign, they are asking the question, If the right support were available, what one thing would you love to do with your life? If you draw on support to live your life, Social Care Future would like to hear from you. 

Your response to the above question could be a short piece to camera like the ones in this film, or an audio recording. You could also get together with friends who draw on support and make a reel of you all sharing your thoughts. You might prefer to write something, maybe a short social media post or a blog post. Or you could express yourself through a photo or piece of art or craft.

If you’d like to get involved in the campaign in any of these ways, you could then share your response via social media such as X (formerly Twitter), Threads, BlueSky, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn with the hashtag #IWouldLoveTo.  Or you can send it directly to

Social Care Future will keep an eye out for your responses and share them via their social media accounts, as well as curating some for a special online exhibition on their website.

For more information about the campaign, you can visit Social Care Future.

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