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The UK charity Together In Dementia Every day (tide) has launched its ‘Front of Mind’ campaign. This joint campaign with Roche puts carers’ needs at the heart of dementia care.

Marking the launch of the ‘Front of Mind’ campaign, tide has released a report titled ‘Creating a fairer future for people living with Alzheimer’s disease’. The report outlines the challenges in the dementia pathway and advocates for the changes needed to fix them.

Sarah Merriman, head of tide delivery, regularly talks to people who look after someone with dementia. She often hears the same frustrations. Sarah commented, “There is no dementia pathway, when someone is diagnosed with dementia, the current pathway leads you to the edge of a cliff.”

John, a tide member, who looks after his wife said, “The memory clinic told my wife she had dementia and to make an appointment for a year’s time. I was given a load of leaflets and that was it. We were left reeling and didn’t know what to do next”

The Front of Mind campaign aims to put carers’ needs at the heart of dementia care. With this campaign tide is calling for the following changes:

  • For a greater awareness and understanding of dementia
  • For people living with dementia and their carers to be more involved in policy decisions that affect them
  • For clinical pathways to be clear and supportive through-out a diagnosis and beyond

For more information about the campaign visit tide or follow tide on twitter.

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