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Changing Healthcare: learning from lasting change in the NHS

Join our free, interactive digital conference. It runs from 2 to 6 November, with daily sessions exploring practical examples of widespread, lasting change in healthcare and what we can learn from them. What is the conference about? Covid-19 has shown that the NHS can change with speed and impact. Now the challenge is to make […]

Nurturing community models of care


Join Kaleidoscope for this Fresh Conversation on the need for new models of community support to connect the willing helpers with those requiring support. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, 9 million people have stepped up to support others – and 70% say they want to continue doing this in some way. So how […]

From “Let’s collaborate” to “Let’s collaborate effectively”


Collaboration is as old as civilisation. Yet, few models exist to support organisations develop a strategic approach to it. For it to be meaningful, collaboration needs to be planned and conducted with rigour. Kaleidoscope looked at the evidence base and existing high-performing collaborations. It was found that while the purpose and activities can vary widely, […]