Collaborating for change

DCAN uses the power of networks to tackle key challenges for people with dementia.

We channel our work through our #DCAN Enquiries, which unite us around key questions to find answers together.

Current Projects


DCAN are exploring what it is like for people with dementia when they have to go into hospital, what helps and how the experience can be improved.

Previous Projects


To get to where we’re going, we need to understand where we are now. Explore this enquiry with us, including a paper on personhood and dementia, along with blogs and events to discuss further, and a chance to shape the work of DCAN going forward.

Pre-Memory Assessment

Since Covid-19 there has been an increase in the time people need to wait for their memory assessment appointment. We’re working with the NHS to understand what people need, and what support is available.

Peer Leadership Development Programme

Do you want to learn more about personalised care? The Peer Leadership Development Programme on FutureLearn helps people with lived experience learn about personliased care so they are able to feel more confident discussing it with health professionals. This course can help you make a positive impact in your own, or your family members situation, and you can even go on to complete further levels if you want to expand your learning to be able to influence the health system!

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