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DCAN are exploring what it is like for people with dementia when they have to go into hospital, what helps and how the experience can be improved.


  • To understand what new innovations like virtual wards mean for people with dementia and how they can be made dementia friendly to support people and even prevent hospitalisation
  • To understand what can support people with dementia when they do have to go into hospital


  • Working with NHSE who have codesigned a personal wellbeing plan for people with dementia going into hospital, we are looking at capturing feedback and understanding how this can be used and rolled out, complementing the This is me booklet from the Alzheimer’s Society
  • We will be holding an event on virtual wards to help understand how they work and explore with the DCAN network how they can be supportive of people with dementia
  • We will be looking at if there are any other situations when a specialised personal wellbeing plan is needed across different settings
  • We will also be working with partners across the network to see how we can share resources that aim to support personalised care and support for people with dementia with the people who need them


One page Personal Wellbeing Plan for Emergencies

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  • If you or your organisation are able to help us increase the uptake and use of resources such as This is me, and the personalised wellbeing plan please contact us on
  • If you have any other ideas of how we can spread resources more widely join us on the DCAN miro board exploring this and add your thoughts!

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