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Since Covid-19 there has been an increase in the time people need to wait for their memory assessment appointment. We’re working with the NHS to understand what people need, and what support is available.

DCAN have been working with NHS England to understand people’s experiences of waiting for a memory assessment. We wanted to understand what is important to the people experiencing this time for themselves, their families, partner or friends.

We have also been working with professionals to understand what support is available, and how well it meets the needs of people waiting for a memory assessment and how it can be accessed.

We have created the Next Steps website, for everyone waiting for a memory clinic appointment to share information about what people can expect, things they can do to help while they wait, what support is available and how it can be accessed, so they don’t feel so alone at this time.

What we were told in phase one of the project…

We ran surveys, and held workshops to find out what peoples experiences are during this time, and have now condensed this learning into a briefing document.

Read it here:

This research helped us to create the new guide ‘Living well while waiting for a memory assessment’…

As well as the visiting the Next Steps website, you can also download a printable guide.  The guide contains information and advice on staying well while waiting for a memory assessment, as well as a range of exercises you can complete to help you decide on what’s right for you.


Printable flyer

We’ve also created a printable flyer with the intention of guiding people to the Next Steps website. This 1 page document details who the website is for, how it can support them and how to access it. This flyer is intended for locations such as memory clinic and GP surgeries.

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