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DCAN have been working with Neil Crowther on a new paper which discusses the potential of personalised care and support being used to promote the wellbeing of people living with dementia.


  • To trace the history of personhood and dementia being linked, in order to inform future strategy and action.
  • To consider the system challenges that need to be addressed to optimise the wellbeing of people living with dementia.


  • Working with those who live with dementia understanding what they say is important for maintaining their wellbeing, drawing together common themes from various studies and providing theories and evidence to back them up.
  • Establishing the different paths to honouring personhood, making it clear that there are common starting points but this often ends with separate journeys. Various different approaches to this are shared, with different strategic focuses, and their views are weighed up against each other in a contextual manner.
  • The four dimensions of ‘holding’ personhood are helpfully focused on and discussed in detail, referencing real word examples and discussions.


  • Read the report from Neil Crowther
  • Read the blog series responding to the report
  • Animation – coming soon

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  • Share your thoughts with us via a blog – we especially welcome views from people with dementia and can support with copywriting/editing and a fee for published blogs.

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