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Collaborating for change

DCAN uses the power of networks to tackle key challenges for people with dementia.

We channel our work through our #DCAN Enquiries, which unite us around key questions to find answers together.

#DCan Enquiries

What Matters Now?

How has COVID 19 impacted on the lives of people with dementia? How have priorities shifted and how can personalised care help?

Social prescribing 360

Community is at the heart of personalised care. How do we ensure dementia inclusive opportunities are accessible and available for all?

Dementia Reframed 

How do we build a consensus for a personalised vision of dementia? What is the story we can tell, capable of driving forward a decade of change in how we think, talk and respond to dementia?

Right at the Start 

Mapping personalised care components onto the dementia well pathway so that what matters to people is at the heart of the care and support they receive from diagnosis to end of life.

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