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Our Social Prescribing 360 Enquiry is exploring the role community plays in the health and wellbeing of people with dementia and how social prescribing can support people to thrive.

Our DCAN Enquiries gather the best ideas, evidence, and insights together from a range of perspectives, to learn what is needed to make positive change happen. Our learning helps to shape and support action nationally and locally as well as stimulate further research and innovation.

Key questions for this Enquiry include:

  • What are the experiences of people with dementia accessing and using social prescribing services?
  • How do we boost awareness and demand for social prescribing amongst people with dementia?
  • How do we protect against the risk of exacerbating health inequalities taking into account location and diversity of available community assets?
  • What does good support look like within social prescribing services?
  • What are the factors of success?
  • What are the barriers to good support, how might these be overcome?
  • How good is the supply of activities available for people with dementia? How do we stimulate supply that matches demand?
  • How do we make these sustainable, accessible, and diverse?
    What alternative routes are there to people taking part in community activity? Can these work well together to extend choice and opportunity?
  • How do we make it easier for people to make their own connections or develop their own activities?
  • What has COVID19 taught us about the limitations and strengths of community support?
  • What considerations are there for supporting people with advanced dementia with social prescribing support?
  • What role should digital, online virtual support play in the future


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